Mixtape "Side A" EP

by Man, The Reformer

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Michael Porcello
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Michael Porcello Some sweet prog rock/post hardcore stuff with instrumentals somewhat similar to bands like Circa Survive and Children of Nova. Favorite track: Terraformer.
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Recorded 2010 - 2011 with producers John Zebley, Jay Maas, Shane Frisby, Kevin Billingsea


released October 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Man, The Reformer Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Terraformer
I see youve made your way into my room again
Youre standing on the edge of my bed

And your running circles around my head
telling me everything that should have been

Oh no!

But this is getting old, I have no time to discuss
Something that wouldn't amount to much

And I know that the reaction seems to be getting quite old, but in time youll be fine
You'll do what you do, strike a match make your move.. and i know that this is the end

You're burning down the city tonight, you're keeping tabs on who puts up a fight... but you're running circles around my head and im so sorry that this is the end.
Track Name: Lonesome Was the Sun
Alright, ok! I know that it wasnt perfect but i wanted it anyways... so now that youre gone I can say that you'll go so far away but when the sun shines down on your beautiful face I hope it burns a hole right through

Keep to yourself!

I know what your about, once again its time to make your rounds
and i see you coming around to me
But I cannot stand the sight of you night after night... its killing me to know that youre still here

So you know how it goes, you'll move on and ill go alone the only way ive ever known.
And how sad, it all ends; I'll do my best and try to pretend that everything is ok

And all this is rushing in, my eyes seeing so much and this insipid taste youve left in my mouth
Reminds me to hold myself accountable for this evenin' and the seriousness

That you know...what youve done.. and you know exactly what to say... so if I seem distressed, its because youve made me that way

I still know what you're all about, but ive finally found my way out and Ive never felt so alive
So please give me reasons why I would consider trying to mend what we couldnt fix.

Alright, ok I know that it wasnt perfect but I wanted it anyway so now that youre gone I can say that youll go so far away but when the sun shines down I hope it burns away everything that you've undone
Track Name: Nails Like Johnny Winter
Im like a gun in midsummers heat, Im sweatin' bullets as far as an eye can see, The proverbial words that you're speaking just sounds like a song that keeps ringing and ringing

You sing of the end of the world
And you sing of how youve tried; well you lied
And now every word has lost its meaning

So we'll take a ride and we wont look back, we'll suffocate the children with a shopping bag; we'll drive this car straight off the road, all in the name of some god who wont show and when,
That car and the ground collide, authorities will claim it a suicide; but we'll know that our holy crusade was complete

Oh how it ends, I know, seems so surreal but we've tried, oh we've tried
and some days I still dream of when

The world is one again
"someone will protect us then"
thats what you said before you left, but now i know where you go